Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Style Profile: Allie

Photo Credit: AK-47 

What’s your name? 
Allie Tallering

How old are you? 


What’s your uniform? 

J Brand colored skinnies, a button down with rolled up sleeves (usually equipment), my fiorentini and baker black ankle boots, and pearl drop earrings i inherited from my mom. It's preppy with a little edge, easy, and always looks right. And while I'm no Elisa Nalin, I do love me some casual color blocking.
A little variation on my uniform (also rocking the top knot)

Favorite designers? 
Givenchy when I'm looking for inspiration and AMAZING details, Proenza Schouler for accessories, and Jenni Kayne, Jil Sander, Rag and Bone, and Celine for everything else. I die over their sporty, clean aesthetic. In my life, I don't really look for anything too crazy or patterned, save for the metallic velvet wrap dress or neon orange flared jeans that also find a home in my closet.

Favorite stores? 
Madewell, Barneys, Bop (and Shopbop). I would almost consider myself in the professional shopping pantheon given the amount I online shop, but it's a little (a lot) embarrassing.

Favorite blogs? Man Repeller (all time favorite), The Coveteur, Garance, Jak & Jill (for street style), ChiCityFashion
The actual Man Repeller (via the cut)

Style icons? Liv Tyler (I'd like to say I look like her too... or at least i hope), Katherine Hepburn, Lauren Hutton, Jenna Lyons, Man Repeller. I love the sporty, preppy menswear inspired look with a little twist (usually of something neon). Man Repeller comes a little out of left field, but I'm obsessed with her and the way she can rock a crazy amount of layers and trends without looking insane. She is awesome.
Jenna Lyons (via the cut)
Caroline and I as Man Repeller

Somethings you can’t live without?
Peppermint orbit, Diet Coke, my dog, kiehls lip balm in a tub 
The ADORABLE love of my life, Tucker 

Favorite item in your closet? 
A two way tie between my bright green mulberry mini-alexa and my leopard hugh hefner loafers. They both just make me so happy! Leave it up to a bright green mini bag to brighten my day every day.

Dream job?

Working in the finance side of the fashion industry (CEO of proenza, backer, venture capitalist, investor, the like), or the president

What’s in your bag?
My everyday purse is another one of my most cherished pieces in my closet, the AMAZING navy PS.1. I carry it around everywhere. Legit everywhere. Right now, I have a bunch of random junk, plus all of the stuff below, which I carry every day. A lot of it is mentioned in the stuff I can't live without too.
From L to R: My headphones, Fresh Sugar Rose chapstick, Kiehls chapstick, Nars lipstick in Carthage, a bangle from Madewell, a leftover train ticket from when I was in Madrid over winter break that I forgot to throw away, my book, sunglasses, my inhaler (hahah, but I actually have to carry it everywhere), my wallet (currently carrying a Marc by Marc one), and new Fresh lemon-y perfume that I'm obsessed with.
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