Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Borrowed From the Boys

Here at All Worn Out, we have been known to occasionally don clothing that has been facetiously labeled for the opposite sex. But, lemme tell you, we don't care. Clothes are a means of expression, you like what you like, and that's perfectly okay. And sometimes we like to wear "men's" clothes. Steph is here with our first installment of "Borrowed from the Boys."

Look at this camo. And it actually works! My mom said she couldn't see me when I was walking next to the all these trees. But, that could've been because it was kind of dark, and there were no street lights on, or she could have just been entertaining my self-absorption...who knows??

Like the title promises, this shirt was borrowed from a boy. *Gasp* You may be wondering what well-dresses young man I got this from, and the answer is not nearly as scandalous as I wish it was. I got it from my brother, Brandon. He's not really aware of this borrowing. He really messed up just leaving this lying in his room when he went back to college. I just did what any great younger sister would do- I made sure the shirt didn't get lonely in that big, dark room. Yay, younger sisters!

I paired it with a dark-khaki-ish colored pant, and a navy vest. Nothing too exciting. I think I'm going to wear it with a brighter colored pant next time. I put on a lighter pair of khaki-ish colored pants when I woke up just to find out there was a hole in them. True story.

In all seriousness, my brother is quite the dapper young man. He's always on point. And I have never been complimented more on a single item of clothing. Power to ya, brotha.

And for all you that asked me if I was going hunting, I am not. But, this did come from an actual outdoorsy store. You sometimes find the greatest things in the most unlikely places. Also, this tag is just dope.

And on a somewhat related note, here is a video from Chicago's teen poetry competition, Louder Than A Bomb. It's always a highlight of my year. And I am repping team Payton. Congrats on making it to semi-finals!