Wednesday, January 25, 2017

WELCOME TO THE GUN SHOW (#workoutwednesday)

Hey y’all, hey:

I am high key sorry I haven’t posted since last Wednesday. The homework is starting to pile on and the stress eating is trying to make a comeback! I went to Target for one thing last Friday and walked out with a gallon of ice cream…..with no intentions of sharing with the roomie because she’s a nutrition major, who doesn’t appreciate the sweeter things in life πŸ€·πŸ½‍♀️. Anyways, let’s talk about upper body! 

My "don't try me" stance πŸ‘ŠπŸ½ 

I used to despise training anything other than da booty. I too was once under the impression that lifting heavy would give my already chubby arms an even larger appearance. There was that AND  the fact that I felt so weak whenever I would hit biceps and triceps. Whenever I wasn’t squatting I felt like my body would go into autopilot at the gym; I was simply going through the motions of curling, pressing, and pushing with no actual desire to see any progress. 

I can’t tell you exactly when this perspective changed for me. Now, I live for back, and shoulders +  bi’s…..chest + tri’s are a different story. We've all heard the concept that women carry most of their strength in their legs, right? While this does ring true for some, there's no reason why you can’t curl more than the guy next to you, AND WITH GOOD FORM AT THAT (*no salt was used in the formation of this sentence πŸΈπŸ΅).  

Distinctly remember this being the first day at the gym where I kind of liked my arms...... 

But in all seriousness, just push yourself to do it! I promise that in time the progress will speak for itself. Soon you all will be addicted to that young bicep pump I look forward to every Wednesday. So here’s a lil something something to get you started: 

This workout is a combination of biceps and back. The best piece of advice I’ve ever received from someone  has been to ALWAYS focus on what muscle(s) each exercise aims to use (muscle + mind connection). Zoning out at the gym is known to happen (especially when bae pops down on a bench right next to you), but you need tor reel yourself back in…or just throw on Lose Yourself and pretend you are FIGHTING FOR YOUR LIFE (S/O TO THE YOUNG HOMIE, EMINEM) *****ALSO, included is my “i aint the one” playlist for the days you just aint the one to be tried. 


Operation: I will throw hands πŸ₯Š
**10 minute warmup. ( I prefer to throw in low weight/ high rep dumbbell (DB) bicep curls, burpees, jump roping, pushups, and plank shoulder taps on upper body days instead of using a treadmill. A 5 minute session on the rowing machine is a good choice as well!) 


  • Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 3x12   
    • superset w/  narrow grip pulldowns x12-15 (drop the weight if necessary)
  • seated rows 3x10-12 
    • superset w/ bicep curls x12 (either w/ a DB or barbell) 
  • barbell rows 3x10-12 (hold the row for 2 sec. when you get to the top! Make sure you're squeezing too) Demo Video
  • seated DB bicep curls 3x10-12 (you can do these alternating or at the same time! just make sure you're squeezing!) 
    • w/ plank shoulder taps (make sure you aren't tilting side to side when you perform these! you should be engaging your abs so you can stay in place and you tap) Demo Video
  • hammer curls 3x12 Demo Video
  • one arm cable curls 3x10/arm (facing the machine and away) Demo Video
    • ok so quick explanation! You will perform 10 reps facing the cable and then 10 reps facing away from the cable. After you complete 20 reps with one arm, you will do the same with the other! 40 reps (20 per side) counts as 1 set.

a.lo circa summer 16'...when she was a lil piece of caramel (bryson tiller is life)

Monday, January 23, 2017

5 Food Tips for Study Abroad

So while Angelic is letting y'all know how you can get thick fit, I'm just gonna let y'all know how you can get thiiiick. Pick your poison.

Study abroad is great, but I think one of the greatest difficulties is acclimating to a new diet in a new place. This is especially difficult when you're doing a homestay and eating meals prepared by the family. Unless you're a total butthole, you eat what is given to you so as to not seem like the rude American, barring it's something you're allergic to, health reasons, etc. Even common dietary restrictions in America, like being a vegetarian, can put a relative strain on your host family for any number of reasons -- veggies can be expensive and sometimes not as readily available as they are stateside.

For me, it's been difficult transitioning to a diet that where meat is a staple. Back in Chicago, I just about never cook or eat meat -- the rare occasion is when I am cooking for friends and roommates, or eating out. But I'm a broke boy anyway, so eating out doesn't happen often. My host mom has been gracious enough to not serve me any beef or pork, and only makes dishes with chicken, turkey or fish. I also get lots of fresh veggies everyday, which is so great, but also not common when speaking to other students in my program.

This is my second time doing a study abroad program and along the way I have picked up a few things about living and eating in homestays. Oh, and some pics of what I've been eating in my homestay are included, too.

1. Eat all your veggies + fruit! And eat some more! This is the most elementary rule from when you were young. Bring it back and say it over and over again as your scarf down the broccoli and squash you haven't liked since you were six. Here in Mexico, the vegetarian options I have encountered in restaurants tend be dishes with mushrooms...mushrooms are great, but a diversity of veggies is even better and nutritious. So, when you get the veggies at home, just eat 'em. Fruit is easy because it's sweet, but eat that, too. It's rare to see fruit available at restaurants here; it's sold widely on the street, but as with street food anywhere, you have to be careful.

Breakfast: Quesadillas filled with cheese and turkey ham, tomatoes, beans, and fruit cup of watermelon and pineapple

2. You can ask for more or less food. There is nothing wrong with letting your host parents know that they give you too much or too little food. Nobody is tryna waste food or go hungry. In Spain, I sometimes asked for more food, but here in Mexico, I asked for less food. My host mom here is like the grandmother who is always worried you're not eating enough, so she gives us *lots* of food. But, in the end, it's better for everyone when there's less food waste. It might seem weird to ask for less or more food, but your host family wants you to be well at the end of the let them help you be well.

Lunch: Chile relleno filled with chicken, rice, beans, and tomato soup with veggies. Not pictured: Salad
3. When eating out, split dishes with friends. Think about when you go out to eat in the US, do you always, always finish all of your food? I sure don't. Sometimes we split one dish and that helps save a little money, and sometimes we order a couple dishes and split them to get a taste of a more than one dish on the menu. I don't know why I'm so concerned with food waste, but sharing dishes help cut down on that, too. And it's not like you're about to carry your leftovers to the bar after...

Breakfast: Empanadas filled with cheese, pico de gallo, and beans. Not pictured: Fruit cup

4. If some food in your homestay consistently upsets your stomach -- say something. Don't suffer through meals knowing that you'll be sitting up all night with an upset stomach. If you know there are foods that you are particularly intolerant to or allergic to, let your host family know as soon as you get there. Maybe you get there and realize that that one thing always makes you feel bad, let your host parents know right away. Like I said, they want you to be well. Give yourself a week or two to adjust to the food. You're in a new place, there's new and different bacteria, let your body do it's work, but if you're still getting sick -- say something. Chances are, you're not your host families first student from another country, they might even have some tips for dealing with the changing diet. 

Lunch: Taquitos filled with chicken, topped w beans, lettuce, cheese and a side of rice and avocado 
5. Be adventurous! Study abroad is the perfect time to try that one food you wouldn't try back home, or you've never even heard of back home. Yesterday, my host dad poured some sort of salt into my hand. Only after I tasted did I find out it was a salt mixture of ground up maggots and maguey plant. And guess what?? I survived. I am alive and well. Sidenote about the salt: it's the salt that you use when taking shots of mezcal (think tequila but smokier, dryer and very, very popular in Mexico); the particular maggot is one that feeds on the maguey plant that mezcal is made out of -- circle of life or something, amiright? Now, back on topic...try new foods. I have yet to try chapulines, which are grasshoppers, but one day very soon, I will try my first grasshopper. Get over your mental blocks and embrace the culture that you'll be participating in, even if just for a short time. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Wassup guys, 

If you're wondering why this is being posted today, Thursday, it is because I got caught up watching 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (SOOOOOOO GOOD) and munching on gummy bears. I've been watching a ton of military movies lately....and can't stop. My b! I'll try to not let it happen again! Anyways, let's just pretend it's Wednesday still: 

So I know how hard it can be to find doable workouts at the gym that don't read like a foreign language. When I get sick of doing the same old same week to week I find myself referencing workouts from the first summer I started out! There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the same routine week to week. I personally prefer to keep it that way, so when I go up in weight for certain exercises I can see that I am improving. If anything, I tend to changeup my supersets. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a superset refers to two exercises you perform back to back, only resting after both have been completed. 

I want to start making #workoutwednesday a staple on the site! Every Wednesday I will upload a routine that you’re more than welcome to test out! I keep all of my routines in a google doc. I have the app on my phone and can reference and track my workouts as I am doing them. I honestly don't know how people free style that ish. I live by “fail to plan, plan to fail”. I NEED STRUCTURE IN MY LIFE. Also, if you don't go into the gym with a plan, it can be extremely discouraging when all the machines you need are being used. If you're nervous to begin with, this small setback could tempt you to leave. DON'T! 

So, for the days that you feel lost, just know that I got yo back, boo! In honor of #humpday, this first #workoutwednesday (sorry for all the hashtags...not really) is dedicated to LEGS (IT'S NOT WEDNESDAY THOUGH, a.lo). I know we don't all have time to train legs 2x a week (I like splitting up quads/hammies and glutes/hammies), so this workout is perfect for those who are pressed for time and can only hit em once! I included some demo videos for moves that may sound unfamiliar. For information on correct form for some of the common moves, PLEASE HEAD OVER TO for more videos. If you ever see me staring at my phone for longer than a minute.....chances are I am watching one....or looking for a bombass song to get me through my next set. Also, don't hesitate to ask for some guidance. Any personal trainer or gym goer, 9/10 times, will be eager to help you out. Enjoy....and included is my booty werq (yassss that's what it's called) playlist! 

You HAVE to eat to grow πŸŒ±  

 Operation cake by the pound: 

Please Note: Your butt will not reap the benefits unless you're doing the moves correctly. "Ugly butt squeeze" is my favorite phrase to use when I am explaining my leg day to another person. If you don't feel like your butt looks ugly while you're squeezing at the top of a squat or at the end of any of the following moves....chances are YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. No one is suppose to look like they stepped off a runway while working out (true story...someone once told me I always look "busted" after I am done doing my thang.....and I was flattered).

 So, don't focus too much on how you look, rather focus on making sure you're engaging the muscles you should be engaging (glutes, quads, hammies, etc.)! 

**10 minute cardio warmup (jumping rope or the stair master are my faves) 
Glute warmup: (every exercise is performed on a mat until failure and with no rests in between for 1 round)
  • glute bridges (regular + wide stance and make sure you're squeezing at the top) 
  • donkey kickbacks (both legs) 
  • straight leg kickbacks (both legs) 
Go pickup some weights now: 
*******make sure you are using a challenging weight! You may have to play around for a bit in order to figure out what weight has you feeling pooped by the last rep. Make sure you record it somewhere so you're all set to go the next time you decide to repeat the workout! 
  • SQUATS: 2x10-12(warmup sets) 3x6-8 (go up in weight for these and make sure you're going ASS TO GRASS W/ AN UGLY BUTT SQUEEZE ONCE YOU REACH THE TOP) 
    • superset w/in and outs (x20....or until failure) DEMO VIDEO
  • CABLE KICKBACKS 3x10-12  (each leg) DEMO VIDEO
    • superset w/ hip thrusts x15-20 (using either a bench or a mat like you did during the glute warmup; you can choose to use a barbell or DB if you'd like or just your bodyweight) 
  • BENCH STEP UPS W/ DB 3x24 (12 each side leg) 
    • superset w/ pulse squats (x20....or until failure) DEMO VIDEO
    • super set w/ jumping lunges (until failure) 
Lil Booty Judy: Fall 15' 

Lil Booty Judy....ain't so lil now: Winter 16' ( S/o to bae, Selina)

Monday, January 16, 2017

Get Fit or Cry Trying: The true story of how a.lo got her groove back

Wassup guys! I would just like to start off by saying that Stephanie Greene has always been #goals since high school. When she started following me on the gram, I almost died. So, can you imagine what it was like when she asked if i’d love to submit content for her? Ok, ok back to the purpose of my very first post:

Name: Angelic Lopez
University: Boston University
Major: Health Science
Hobbies: Lifting heaving things…with the occasional cardio session
Instagram: a.lofit (yes, J.Lo is my queen)

If I went into every detail about how I started out, this post would never end. I have so much I want to share but don't want to overwhelm you all, so I’ll dedicate this to how I started. Let me just say, the freshman 15 is no joke;  the dinning hall is not your friend when you’re trying to adjust to a new school and city, having crazy roommate drama, and trying to meet the demands of your new 16 credit hour course schedule. I’m not sure how you deal with stress but my go to is food: Ben & Jerry’s, brownies, chocolate, cupcakes, candy, cheesecake….if there’s sugar in it then I'm reaching for it.

December 14' πŸ˜ž

Winter recess gave me a ton of time to reflect on my first semester at BU. Not only was I the heaviest I had ever been in my 19 years of living, but I was mentally unhappy as well. During that four week break I decided to make the resolution that millions of people make every year and fail to follow through with: I was going to get fit! Of course I had to ask mom and dad for those oversized Beats and some fly workout clothes (it would take me all of two workouts to realize that all the materialistic shit wasn’t going to make me eat my greens or stop me from missing a workout ). Thankfully, I’ve never been much of a what if person either. If I have goals you can bet your ass I’m working day and night to make them a reality.

It’s crazy how things workout sometimes. Originally, I was suppose to be in a writing class but couldn’t get into the one I wanted. So i signed up for two PDP’s (basically gym classes at BU’s fitness center): powlerlifting (yikes!) and a tone and condition class (death in the form of HIIT). Powerlifting taught me the basics in bench, squat, and deadliftts. Tone and condition taught me the importance of cardio because that young heart is a muscle too, regardless of what the man hogging the squat rack tells you.

Fast forward to the end of the semester! Classes were ending and I was excited to be heading back to the Chi where I could focus on these gains without exams crushing my soul. On top of making fitness my top priority, I also started working for NIKE! If I wasn't motivated before, that sure lit a fire under my ass. Coming home, I was forced to come up with my own workout routines. I wanted something similar to my powerlifting/HIIT combo that I’d come to enjoy second semester. That summer I successfully completed BBG and bought various weight training programs via instagram (why does that sound so sus).

90 day transformation πŸ˜³

That summer was life changing, it taught me that no dreams are unattainable. The dedication I put into being consistent with my fitness is the same dedication I have put into every endeavor since. I’m about to get mad preachy but I swear it’s only because it holds so much truth:

In reality, the only thing holding you back is yourself. I mean that in a mental sense. Once you convince yourself mentally that you're capable of doing something, you better believe it’s possible. Mental strength is just as, if not more, important than physical strength. Conquer your mind and chase your dreams (yes, i do know how cheesy that came across ***shrug emoji***)

Always keepin it 100,


lean and mean for summer 16' πŸ˜Ž

10 lbs heavier and enjoying the πŸ‘ gains from this  bulk. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

¡Bienvenidos a Oaxaca!

I think a different sun shines on, the sun down here is something special. I have been in Mexico for almost a week now and it's been great. Mostly great because I have managed to escape the cold in Chicago.

I'm still getting acclimated to everything down here (s/o to the altitude...5,000 feet above sea level) and wanted to quickly share a few snapshots of my first few days in the sun. I am here on a study abroad program with about twenty other students from my University, so I've got lots of friends and *potential* friends to explore the city with. Our school is absolutely beautiful and, outside of the public parks, one of the few places I have seen with green space.

There are these gorgeous, tall palm trees at our school and we warned not to sit under them because sometimes the branches fall off. Either way, gotta love nature. 

 It is also custom to eat large meals for breakfast and lunch, and coffee and bread or pastries around dinner time. I have taken a bit to the custom and have been trying iced mochas all over town. 

Last, but not least...a photo of me! I'm wearing a dress from Zara, a denim Ralph Shirt from the 80s, Birkenstocks, rose gold Marc Jacobs watch, and a beaded bracelet I picked up on my second day in Oaxaca.

Keep up with my time in Mexico on Instagram @all_worn_out. And keep an eye on the blog...some new, new content will be popping soon!