Monday, January 16, 2017

Get Fit or Cry Trying: The true story of how a.lo got her groove back

Wassup guys! I would just like to start off by saying that Stephanie Greene has always been #goals since high school. When she started following me on the gram, I almost died. So, can you imagine what it was like when she asked if i’d love to submit content for her? Ok, ok back to the purpose of my very first post:

Name: Angelic Lopez
University: Boston University
Major: Health Science
Hobbies: Lifting heaving things…with the occasional cardio session
Instagram: a.lofit (yes, J.Lo is my queen)

If I went into every detail about how I started out, this post would never end. I have so much I want to share but don't want to overwhelm you all, so I’ll dedicate this to how I started. Let me just say, the freshman 15 is no joke;  the dinning hall is not your friend when you’re trying to adjust to a new school and city, having crazy roommate drama, and trying to meet the demands of your new 16 credit hour course schedule. I’m not sure how you deal with stress but my go to is food: Ben & Jerry’s, brownies, chocolate, cupcakes, candy, cheesecake….if there’s sugar in it then I'm reaching for it.

December 14' 😞

Winter recess gave me a ton of time to reflect on my first semester at BU. Not only was I the heaviest I had ever been in my 19 years of living, but I was mentally unhappy as well. During that four week break I decided to make the resolution that millions of people make every year and fail to follow through with: I was going to get fit! Of course I had to ask mom and dad for those oversized Beats and some fly workout clothes (it would take me all of two workouts to realize that all the materialistic shit wasn’t going to make me eat my greens or stop me from missing a workout ). Thankfully, I’ve never been much of a what if person either. If I have goals you can bet your ass I’m working day and night to make them a reality.

It’s crazy how things workout sometimes. Originally, I was suppose to be in a writing class but couldn’t get into the one I wanted. So i signed up for two PDP’s (basically gym classes at BU’s fitness center): powlerlifting (yikes!) and a tone and condition class (death in the form of HIIT). Powerlifting taught me the basics in bench, squat, and deadliftts. Tone and condition taught me the importance of cardio because that young heart is a muscle too, regardless of what the man hogging the squat rack tells you.

Fast forward to the end of the semester! Classes were ending and I was excited to be heading back to the Chi where I could focus on these gains without exams crushing my soul. On top of making fitness my top priority, I also started working for NIKE! If I wasn't motivated before, that sure lit a fire under my ass. Coming home, I was forced to come up with my own workout routines. I wanted something similar to my powerlifting/HIIT combo that I’d come to enjoy second semester. That summer I successfully completed BBG and bought various weight training programs via instagram (why does that sound so sus).

90 day transformation 😳

That summer was life changing, it taught me that no dreams are unattainable. The dedication I put into being consistent with my fitness is the same dedication I have put into every endeavor since. I’m about to get mad preachy but I swear it’s only because it holds so much truth:

In reality, the only thing holding you back is yourself. I mean that in a mental sense. Once you convince yourself mentally that you're capable of doing something, you better believe it’s possible. Mental strength is just as, if not more, important than physical strength. Conquer your mind and chase your dreams (yes, i do know how cheesy that came across ***shrug emoji***)

Always keepin it 100,


lean and mean for summer 16' 😎

10 lbs heavier and enjoying the 🍑 gains from this  bulk.