Wednesday, January 25, 2017

WELCOME TO THE GUN SHOW (#workoutwednesday)

Hey y’all, hey:

I am high key sorry I haven’t posted since last Wednesday. The homework is starting to pile on and the stress eating is trying to make a comeback! I went to Target for one thing last Friday and walked out with a gallon of ice cream…..with no intentions of sharing with the roomie because she’s a nutrition major, who doesn’t appreciate the sweeter things in life 🤷🏽‍♀️. Anyways, let’s talk about upper body! 

My "don't try me" stance 👊🏽 

I used to despise training anything other than da booty. I too was once under the impression that lifting heavy would give my already chubby arms an even larger appearance. There was that AND  the fact that I felt so weak whenever I would hit biceps and triceps. Whenever I wasn’t squatting I felt like my body would go into autopilot at the gym; I was simply going through the motions of curling, pressing, and pushing with no actual desire to see any progress. 

I can’t tell you exactly when this perspective changed for me. Now, I live for back, and shoulders +  bi’s…..chest + tri’s are a different story. We've all heard the concept that women carry most of their strength in their legs, right? While this does ring true for some, there's no reason why you can’t curl more than the guy next to you, AND WITH GOOD FORM AT THAT (*no salt was used in the formation of this sentence 🐸🍵).  

Distinctly remember this being the first day at the gym where I kind of liked my arms...... 

But in all seriousness, just push yourself to do it! I promise that in time the progress will speak for itself. Soon you all will be addicted to that young bicep pump I look forward to every Wednesday. So here’s a lil something something to get you started: 

This workout is a combination of biceps and back. The best piece of advice I’ve ever received from someone  has been to ALWAYS focus on what muscle(s) each exercise aims to use (muscle + mind connection). Zoning out at the gym is known to happen (especially when bae pops down on a bench right next to you), but you need tor reel yourself back in…or just throw on Lose Yourself and pretend you are FIGHTING FOR YOUR LIFE (S/O TO THE YOUNG HOMIE, EMINEM) *****ALSO, included is my “i aint the one” playlist for the days you just aint the one to be tried. 


Operation: I will throw hands 🥊
**10 minute warmup. ( I prefer to throw in low weight/ high rep dumbbell (DB) bicep curls, burpees, jump roping, pushups, and plank shoulder taps on upper body days instead of using a treadmill. A 5 minute session on the rowing machine is a good choice as well!) 


  • Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 3x12   
    • superset w/  narrow grip pulldowns x12-15 (drop the weight if necessary)
  • seated rows 3x10-12 
    • superset w/ bicep curls x12 (either w/ a DB or barbell) 
  • barbell rows 3x10-12 (hold the row for 2 sec. when you get to the top! Make sure you're squeezing too) Demo Video
  • seated DB bicep curls 3x10-12 (you can do these alternating or at the same time! just make sure you're squeezing!) 
    • w/ plank shoulder taps (make sure you aren't tilting side to side when you perform these! you should be engaging your abs so you can stay in place and you tap) Demo Video
  • hammer curls 3x12 Demo Video
  • one arm cable curls 3x10/arm (facing the machine and away) Demo Video
    • ok so quick explanation! You will perform 10 reps facing the cable and then 10 reps facing away from the cable. After you complete 20 reps with one arm, you will do the same with the other! 40 reps (20 per side) counts as 1 set.

a.lo circa summer 16'...when she was a lil piece of caramel (bryson tiller is life)