Thursday, January 19, 2017


Wassup guys, 

If you're wondering why this is being posted today, Thursday, it is because I got caught up watching 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (SOOOOOOO GOOD) and munching on gummy bears. I've been watching a ton of military movies lately....and can't stop. My b! I'll try to not let it happen again! Anyways, let's just pretend it's Wednesday still: 

So I know how hard it can be to find doable workouts at the gym that don't read like a foreign language. When I get sick of doing the same old same week to week I find myself referencing workouts from the first summer I started out! There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the same routine week to week. I personally prefer to keep it that way, so when I go up in weight for certain exercises I can see that I am improving. If anything, I tend to changeup my supersets. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a superset refers to two exercises you perform back to back, only resting after both have been completed. 

I want to start making #workoutwednesday a staple on the site! Every Wednesday I will upload a routine that you’re more than welcome to test out! I keep all of my routines in a google doc. I have the app on my phone and can reference and track my workouts as I am doing them. I honestly don't know how people free style that ish. I live by “fail to plan, plan to fail”. I NEED STRUCTURE IN MY LIFE. Also, if you don't go into the gym with a plan, it can be extremely discouraging when all the machines you need are being used. If you're nervous to begin with, this small setback could tempt you to leave. DON'T! 

So, for the days that you feel lost, just know that I got yo back, boo! In honor of #humpday, this first #workoutwednesday (sorry for all the hashtags...not really) is dedicated to LEGS (IT'S NOT WEDNESDAY THOUGH, a.lo). I know we don't all have time to train legs 2x a week (I like splitting up quads/hammies and glutes/hammies), so this workout is perfect for those who are pressed for time and can only hit em once! I included some demo videos for moves that may sound unfamiliar. For information on correct form for some of the common moves, PLEASE HEAD OVER TO for more videos. If you ever see me staring at my phone for longer than a minute.....chances are I am watching one....or looking for a bombass song to get me through my next set. Also, don't hesitate to ask for some guidance. Any personal trainer or gym goer, 9/10 times, will be eager to help you out. Enjoy....and included is my booty werq (yassss that's what it's called) playlist! 

You HAVE to eat to grow 🌱  

 Operation cake by the pound: 

Please Note: Your butt will not reap the benefits unless you're doing the moves correctly. "Ugly butt squeeze" is my favorite phrase to use when I am explaining my leg day to another person. If you don't feel like your butt looks ugly while you're squeezing at the top of a squat or at the end of any of the following moves....chances are YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. No one is suppose to look like they stepped off a runway while working out (true story...someone once told me I always look "busted" after I am done doing my thang.....and I was flattered).

 So, don't focus too much on how you look, rather focus on making sure you're engaging the muscles you should be engaging (glutes, quads, hammies, etc.)! 

**10 minute cardio warmup (jumping rope or the stair master are my faves) 
Glute warmup: (every exercise is performed on a mat until failure and with no rests in between for 1 round)
  • glute bridges (regular + wide stance and make sure you're squeezing at the top) 
  • donkey kickbacks (both legs) 
  • straight leg kickbacks (both legs) 
Go pickup some weights now: 
*******make sure you are using a challenging weight! You may have to play around for a bit in order to figure out what weight has you feeling pooped by the last rep. Make sure you record it somewhere so you're all set to go the next time you decide to repeat the workout! 
  • SQUATS: 2x10-12(warmup sets) 3x6-8 (go up in weight for these and make sure you're going ASS TO GRASS W/ AN UGLY BUTT SQUEEZE ONCE YOU REACH THE TOP) 
    • superset w/in and outs (x20....or until failure) DEMO VIDEO
  • CABLE KICKBACKS 3x10-12  (each leg) DEMO VIDEO
    • superset w/ hip thrusts x15-20 (using either a bench or a mat like you did during the glute warmup; you can choose to use a barbell or DB if you'd like or just your bodyweight) 
  • BENCH STEP UPS W/ DB 3x24 (12 each side leg) 
    • superset w/ pulse squats (x20....or until failure) DEMO VIDEO
    • super set w/ jumping lunges (until failure) 
Lil Booty Judy: Fall 15' 

Lil Booty Judy....ain't so lil now: Winter 16' ( S/o to bae, Selina)