Stephanie Greene 
    = My friends have nicknamed me "Stephie G." 
     Stephie G captures my true nature: I run the streets (clearly).
     I was born in Chicago. I currently live in Chicago.
     = I plan on living my last moments in Chicago.
     I plan on living some of those moments in between wherever my heart takes me.
     This is my six word memoir: "Smile often. Welcome heartbreak. Then, write."
     = I was sixteen years old the first time I went to summer camp.
     = That camp changed my life; it made me a better person.
     = The book I recommend most often is The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffeneger. 
     = The American Dream is the most interesting part of America. 
     = Meeting people that appreciate language is one of the most exciting feelings.
     = I will always argue that fashion is important. 
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I hope you stick around to find out more.